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No Doubt Promises Fans “Ear Candy”

The group “No Doubt” has promised fans that their new album will be some ‘ear candy.’ No Doubt has not released an album in over a decade! Their new one, that is still untitled, will be their sixth studio album. The date of release has set to be on September 25, 2012. A post on their official website read: “We are incredibly excited to share the new music with you. Ear candy coming your way! Thank you all so much for your support over the last 25 years. We’re really proud of our new album and we hope you love it as much as we do. We’ll send plenty of photos and webisodes as we go so you’re there with us. See you soon.
The group has also previously revealed working titles for tracks including “Party-Ready Reggae Blast,” “Steady Down” and “One More Summer.” No Doubt has been working on this new record since the start of 2011. Gwen Stefani admitted that its takes  a long while to perfect the ideas they have. She also said: “My band takes a weird process. It takes so long. We’ve been doing a record all year; ten songs have been recorded. When this is done I’ll go probably write a few more songs.
The last album the band put out was “Rock Steady” in 2001.

Signed, Nick Chicatelli.

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